Sunday, December 27, 2009



So, here we are again one week later, team #2 is now complete, despite any previous posts these three are the Champions of Rome, Gladiators who won their freedom and are now in the personal service of senators, and the upper class aristocracy, they have come back at the Emperor's request to entertain the MOB (people of Rome) ! the two outer miniatures are BTD (Black Tree Design) and the miniature in the middle is from Crusader, again great miniatures plenty of detail from both manufacturers.

The Gladiator on the left is fighting with a small shield and a unusual long sword which appears to be attached to a hand protector of some kind, the Gladiator in the middle is fighting in the dimachaerius style (dual swords) and the Gladiator on the far right is fighting in the hoplomachus style.

Note : Pictures can now be clicked for a larger version

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