Friday, November 27, 2009


Here we are again for another week, as mentioned last week we have the Champions of Rome on show this week, the idea behind these guys is that they are veteren Gladiators that have come back to fight for the emperor even after recieving there freedom and being handed the Wooden Gladius - the symbol of there freedom, you can tell these guys apart from there better quality armour that is decorated with gold trim and good quality Iron, there belts are also decorated with there many victories, as is there helmet.

Im not sure at this stage but I may attempt to decorate this Gladiator's shield, I would like to, but well see, if I do I will repost him again next week, I really like this Gladiator, I like the way I painted him, his pose and stance, this dude will leave a trail of dead Gladiators in his wake, there is no doubt.

This Gladiator is a Numidian from the shores of Africa, having proved himself in the arena he was awarded his freedom, fighting in the Hoplomachus style, small shield, thigh high greaves and armed with a spear this guy is a regular lean mean killing machine.

First Gladiator is a Crusader miniature - Great job on the sculpting guys.
the Second Gladiator is a BTD - Black Tree Design, this one has some great detail going on, great fun to paint.

There are a couple more Gladiator champions I want to paint up but these two guys had so much deatil that it took me a while to paint them to my statisfaction, I will post the other two up when I finish them.


HijoDelVecino said...

Great work in those Gladiators!!

Have you seen the new Crusader Gladiator personalities?


The Extraordinarii said...

Oh wow !! Nice call I went to their website and bought three packs ... not bad at all, thanks for the heads up.