Sunday, August 26, 2012


This week I painted up a few more Saxons from Splintered Light Minis, Beowulf (pronounced bearwulf ) the Saxon Hero from Geatland (Scandinavia), slayer of Grendal (Troll / Giant) and Grendal's mother, this mini shall come in handy for some Mythological type skirmishes or I can simply use him as a Saxon Commander, a nice sculpt posed well, a pleasure to paint, for the shield I used LBM transfers.

I also painted up a couple more Saxon skirmishers, an archer and a Ceorl with Javelins, the guy with the javelins is a veteran of a couple of campaigns complete with bushy beard and cloak, again these are SLM minis and are 15/18mm scale.


Phil said...

Very nice looking minis! Great work.

Rodger said...

I like these guys. Excellent!

Mathyoo said...

They're great!
And I especially appreciate the pronounciation tip, makes more sense now! :D

Andrew J. McCory said...

Nice work!

Brummie said...

Great work. Love the transfer's you've chosen

The Extraordinarii said...

Thanks for the comments everyone.

@Mathyoo- It was pointed out to me also, so I thought I would pay it forward :)

@Brummie- Thanks mate, the LBM transfers are the bomb!