Monday, April 9, 2012


My Latest project is based on The Vietnam War, of all the modern wars this is the one I want to game the most, I find this war tragic and sad, but at the same time I find it has captured my imagination, I will be doing this one in 28mm and using miniatures from companies such as Baker Company, Westwind studios and maybe even TAG, either way this is going to be my most ambitious and expensive project yet.

I recently started to think of and sketch down ideas for my terrain board (pictured above), which should accommodate as many scenarios as possible, but must also look and capture the feel and look of Vietnam, So what do you think of the board so far? I am open to ideas and scenarios which would contribute to the overall look of the terrain board, please post your thoughts. 

I have also been thinking about Rulesets, and for squad level skirmishes FNG by 2 Hour wargames keeps getting recommended to me, I have a copy and I'm reading it at the moment, any suggestions for rules would also be appreciated, troop types to be used? I have come up with the following list so far (this may change):

1x Squad of marines
1x Squad of air cavalry
1x Kit carson scout
1x Spec ops team
1x ARVN (maybe)

1x Squad of local force VC
1x Squad of main force VC
1x Squad NVA Regulars (PAVN)

1x M113 APC Acav
2x Transport Hueys

I am half way through painting my Marine Squad, I will post more on this project as I complete different parts of it.


Shelldrake said...

I love the map of your planned playing area.

I am very interested in the banana plantation, as I would love some of these trees for my games, so I will follow this with interest.

lrqan said...

Looking good so far. Minature Wargames ran a series of batreps called Charlie Company, that may help with some thoughts. I'll loook for them but I don't think I'd be able to find them they were post marriage and are likely to be etnically cleansed.

Lead Legion said...

Charlie company was a pretty good game. You tracked the career's of your sgts and officers as they tried to survive their tour.

Bodycount, if you can find a copy, is a pretty good game. Long out of print now though, I believe.

Luckyjoe said...

Cool project. I like your map. I'm looking forward to seeing your board.

The Extraordinarii said...

@Shelldrake - Thanks mate, I may be in over my head with the terrain board, trying to repesent the jungles and fields of vietnam wont be easy, but I like a challange.

@Irqan - Thanks, Do you mean the Charlie Co ruleset? cause I have a copy of them.

@Lead Legion - Thanks for those recomendations, I have electronic copies of both, I will check them out.

@LuckyJoe - Cheers mate, its going to be hard work :)

The Angry Lurker said...

Nothing wrong with the map, maaybe a sampan or two and some brown water navy!

The Extraordinarii said...

Ahh Yes, a sampan or two maybe near the bridge, good thinking Angry, I like the idea.