Saturday, May 8, 2010


This is a small pack of Zombie dogs, that I will use in my Zombie games, these little guys will be fast and ferocious, and will be roaming the urban streets looking for a meal or two. I think there superior speed and bite capabilities will make them very feared.

I found painting them a little tricky, as there was plenty of detail but it was low level and in some areas it was just blurry molding(if that makes sense), I find that when I paint plastic, once you apply the primer, it kinda over takes the details and you can sometimes end up with a a blurry mess, anyway I eventually got them to a state I was happy with, and so here they are.


mindfad said...

hey amaizng paint jobs. What colors and brand of paint did u use for the bone and pink for tissue?

The Extraordinarii said...

Thanks Mindfad, I don't remember the exact colours being so long ago, but the brand I used and still use is Vallejo paints.